In sports there are coaches specialized in almost any discipline and activity.

There are coaches to work on strength, endurance, speed, trainers of attack and defense, and the coaches are specific to the mobility and the elongation of the body

The goal of these coaches is to improve the capacity performance of an athlete.
However, especially lately, is the figure of a coach is able to manage and train the mental side of the sport: the Mental Sports Coach.

In other words, a Mental Coach Sports supports athletes to deal with mentally at best a sporting challenge.

Who and how can help a Mental Sports Coach?

A Mental Sports Coach can work with all types of athletes, from young professionals to the olympic athletes.

It's definitely a key figure when an athlete is experiencing a time of poor performance ,uncertainty , a decline in the performance or the make-up after a period of convalescence from the accident.

But not only...can be critical in every moment, in order to maintain the performance and the balance , concentration and motivation high

I am of the opinion that it should assist the coach always.

There are always circumstances that can interfere with concentration, self-confidence and leadership abilities of an athlete.

When an athlete begins to have doubts about their own ability, its performance can quickly escape his control.

A Mental Coach in Sport is vital to get to the source of the problem and teach them the skills to return to his best performance.

It should not be seen only as a remedy in time of need.

The Mental Sports Coach assists an athlete or a team helping to make a difference, that allows to go from good to great.

Remember: All athletes can improve and make the best out of their mind.

It is for this reason that the best athletes of the world, they always have at their side a Mental Sports Coach.

And it is for this reason that, training the mind, the blocks are knocked down , you face adversity head-on, to return to having an unshakable sense of confidence in themselves.

Athletes do not develop this mentality for the case.

Every athlete has to intentionally create a positive mindset and effective.

A Mental Sports Coach assists athletes in the use of their current strengths, mental and helps them to improve the growth areas for a solid mindset that leads them to achieve maximum performance.

Here is a minimal list of some of the main areas in which a Mental Sports Coach can work:

  • Austostima
  • Focus
  • Introspection
  • Anxiety before the performance
  • Preparation and procedure
  • Recover after an injury
  • Mental strength
  • Optimal Performance
  • The cohesion of the team
  •                                                                                Leadership

Athletes push their bodies to the maximum.

From the outside, it seems that develop this capacity through training regimes specific and long days of practice and refinement of their skills .

And that, in part , that is true.

But to be an athlete of the exception is not only a feat of physics.
To be at the top of their game, professional athletes do a lot of work training also ila their mind.

Colleen Hackerfive times Mental Coach Sports of the Olympic Games that now “train your mind” the team of women's hockey in the United States states that:

There is an athlete or a team, the olympic or professional, that you do not use the services and the skills of a Mental Sports Coach.

What separates the good from the great and the great from the greatest is often the component mental .

I spend hours to study and to deepen the themes according to me are fundamental to the growth of an athlete.

In the second place reconstruct the information to make it accessible to the athletes and apply them to what they are doing.
Giving them practical techniques that work in real life situations.

Use some martial techniques, and meditation, re and always looking for the right key, because they are transposed to the fullest.

Will translate the concepts that I want to use it in sentences, concise and powerful, and my sports will remember.

Then I will give them of the diagrams that illustrate the different scenarios to help you understand how to transfer the topic in the context of their sport.

Why is a Mental Sport Coach is fundamental to manage the anxiety of an athlete before a sports event

Anxiety is a paper inner , then it is important to emphasize that we ourselves build .
You can learn how to handle it, accepting in you that part of the stimulus active that helps to motivate you and stay focused.

The stimulus active right to fly to the personal success
porvare anxiety and nervousness means looking at it in a positive way chetieni much of what you're doing .
Rethinking anxiety by focusing on the present leads to taking control of
One of the fastest and most effective to do this is to focus on your breathing.

What is one of the most important areas that the Mental Sports Coach looking to develop in an athlete?

Definitely the strengthening of the trust.

Most of the people think in the way
Self-confidence is built up and then grow each month, week, day, moment , because to remain strong and steadfast, full of awareness, and ready to overcome every path of growth

What is a tactic that anyone can practice in your own life to improve their performance?

Be where your feet stay in balance

I always say to the athletes, students, and my clients in general , as well as to the professional or amateur sportsmen who never stop to be present in the if .

our brain is normally used only for 20% of its capacity .

We salute the past after you understand it !

Live in the present, here and now, with a projection and then in the construction of their desired future, gives us the ability to make the best of our ability without forgetting that we still have so much to do, as you can see, to expand our personal potential .

If you think constantly of something different from what you are here and now by building and doing , your performance will suffer, in any sphere of life .

Have this self-awareness is the first step towards a self-awareness that will make great your life

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