Business Strategy 4.0 Level 1

In this course you will learn how to develop a winning business strategy, through a structured and highly technical approach. A path at levels of intensity and preparation that will combine all the key elements of business processes with digital innovations that allow their exponential development, such as positioning in the market, customer identification, sales, retention and communication.

The purpose is to provide you with the real support and tools necessary for the achievement of your goal, starting from its real recognition, to outline the best marketing and digital business strategy to apply to your personal characteristics that make your company more productive. , activity or professional position, thus implementing its performance in an optimal manner.
Face change with enthusiasm, use all existing tools to give yourself the best possible and face the challenges of the present with strength and enthusiasm, projecting towards the future. Through this Seminar you will have at your disposal a guided person with clear and operational teaching material, practical models that can be used immediately to operate your digital and business strategies in whatever your profession and / or type of company.

Seminar speakers:

Raffaella Nardandrea, professional coach with over 20 years of business experience, expert in concentration techniques and motivating mental coach

Claretti Caludio expert in business stategy with high experience gained in companies with managerial roles and expert in IT & digital marketing.

Guest of the course is Dr. Lia Gugliotta, a lawyer expert in new privacy and legal business

A close-knit team that will provide you with excellent operational tools to make you a winner !!!!

Marketing funnel

The funnel that includes all those marketing activities (not just web marketing) that aim to sell a product / service. In practice, the customer is inside a "marketing funnel" in which he is destined to slide towards the sale.

On the web the marketing funnel is the tool that allows us to generate a conversion of traffic channeled from a website or from our social profiles. However, we know that the conversion rate is lower than the flow of users and visitors that we are able to recover and here is that the funnel will help us to maximize conversions. Literally it is inspired by a funnel and through this analogy you can understand a little better the sales funnel therefore our job is to create it for our users to channel and enter ours sales funnel so that they can then be converted into Clients.

To better explain, we try to divide the topic into four central and fundamental concepts that must always be considered in order to create a professional sales funnel, effective and of quality. Of course these topics could be discussed in more detail but at the base it should be considered that these should never be missing.



Create a real and performing image of yourself

Create the right attention and expectation on your product

Get noticed you emerge with all of yourself and when your Funnel is boosted.

Now it hosts customers  in your funnel!

 the password will be achieved goal !!!!

We use tools that can help us including SEO positioning and therefore, organic traffic from search engines, Google SEM / AdWords, Facebook Adv, guest posting activities on other sites and advertorial activities or simple press releases and of course sharing on social networks average.





Create interest in the product by emphasizing qualities

Create interest in the best in you


Offer the customer quality and what distinguishes your product compared to competitors, perhaps, try to make it land in one landing page (a website page built ad hoc and able to convert), built with a strong graphic appeal and that is able to explain clearly and without tiring the visitor. It will therefore be necessary to persuade them to recognize and understand the quality and added values of the product you are illustrating.

Create desire on the product or service

Create desire, the activity that leads to action, make me the best manager of yourself and your company, reliable, resolutive, productive

Stimulation of the conversion or sale action

At this point, the “very interested visitor” lead will only have to be transformed into a Customer. Here too there are many ways but for example, we can stimulate it through an offer of the discounted product or service, or through the satisfaction or money back guarantee. Ultimately we are all suppliers but we turn into customers when we need to buy something. So ask yourself a question, how would you like to be persuaded about the potential purchase of a product or service? What kind of conviction do you want them to apply to you? Well, let's study together the universally recognized but also the personal ones and probably, we will find the best way to make your sales funnel unique and effective!



Train positivity and self-confidence

Train to manage your time to be productive for yourself and for others 

Assured success is what we perceive as our achievement

An innovative, penetrating method, but absolutely customized to yourself and your needs


Operate in full protection

Particular attention to the legal regulations of the new privacy law and the right terminologies will offer you support for the tranquility of your business.

A winning circular balance !!!!