Health Coach (mental & Wellnes coach)

The area of expertise is working with men, women, boys and teenagers who are in transition periods in their life and need help and a guide during their journey. In a cohesive and collaborative environment, I support you to identify the internal and external blocks of the various existing situations that limit one's own ability to move forward to achieve one's goals. In addition, I work in cooperation with the client to establish concrete goals and action plans for long-term success. With self-centered approaches, you will be actively involved in creating your own path individual.

A learning cycle 

The mental coach trains you to recognize your goals and achieve them making you perform. 

It is a creative ally that supports you in achieving the ideal performance according to your characteristics to understand and maintain the well-being obtained and in addition to have a satisfying confidence in yourself and in your potential.


The wellness coach helps them find the motivation and tools to achieve their physical and emotional health goals.

Unlike other professionals related to wellness, the wellness coach helps you make better general choices that adapt to your lifestyle, consequently providing a general and lasting state of health and well-being.

Hypnosis techniques aimed at deep relaxation and focused concentration complete the training for a guaranteed success!