This cookie policy contains important information about the different types of cookies that may be installed on your device when you visit the site According to the european Regulation on the protection of personal data 2016/679, the cookies constitute personal data when it may be associated with a device, and, therefore, to an identifiable person.


What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files that the visited sites send to the terminal (Pc, tablet, smartphone, notebook), that are stored to then be retransmitted to the same sites the next visit. There are different cookies contain different information (e.g. authentication of computer information, monitoring of sessions, storage of preferences for the sending of advertising messages, etc.). Each cookie contains different data (for example, the name of the server from which it comes, a numeric identifier, etc.).

These data may remain on the user's device for different periods of time, such as a browser session, a few hours, several days, or longer periods of time.

Are used to perform authentication, information technology, monitoring of sessions and storage of information on the sites. In the course of navigation on a site, the user can receive on his terminal even Cookies that are sent by websites or web servers different (c.d. “third parties”), on which may reside some elements (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) present on the site that the same is visiting.

The site Ondup use TECHNICAL cookies. These Cookies allow the user a smoother operation of the website and to allow for easier retrieval of information, thus simplifying the connection and the transmission of data between the user and the site. Are used to make browsing or provide a service requested by the user. Are not used for further purposes. Technical cookies are necessary for the correct operation of the site. Without the use of these cookies, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and/or less secure. Therefore the technical cookies are indispensable. The film technicians do not require the consent of the user because they are required for the correct operation of the site. In particular, we use Cookies or navigation session temporary and permanent which guarantee the normal navigation and enjoyment of the website, allowing, for example, to save information related to browsing, to store data to maintain the browsing session is active and/or store information related to the settings for “full screen” on/off in the navigation of the site.



We also use analytical Cookies (Google Analytics) to collect information about your use of our site. These Cookies, similar to technical Cookies, is processed in aggregate to monitor areas of the site are most visited, and improve the content of the site, ease of use by the user, and to monitor the correct operation of the site. Cookies analytics used are set by a website other than the one the user is visiting. This is because on each site can be present elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc..) that reside on servers other than the site visited. We allow third-parties to use on our web site, analytical Cookies to save information in an anonymous form, leading to the composition of the report relating to the navigation of the site.
To access the information of the third-party click on the following link: click here.
If you do not wish your data to be used by Google Analytics, you can install the browser add-on according to the methods described by Google at the following addresses:

The installation of this add-on prevents the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js and dc.js), running on a website, sharing information with Google Analytics about your activities when you visit our site.


Cookies and browser settings

Please note that you can authorize, restrict or block Cookies through the browser settings, however, if you would set your device so that it will refuse Cookies, or technical navigation, certain features of the website may not be displayed correctly or work in a non-optimal. In this section you will find information to disable Cookies on the most common browsers.

If your browser is not listed below, please consult the instructions given on your browser concerning Cookie management.


Apple Safari IOS

If you want to disable cookies in the Safari web browser, go to Preferences and then to the Privacy pane and choose to block cookies.
On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, go to Settings, then Safari, and then to the cookies section.”

Internet Explorer version 6 or higher

• Select “Tools” in the toolbar of your browser
• Select “Internet Options
• Select the “Privacy” tab and then click on “Advanced"
• Select “Override automatic cookie handling
• Disable “first-party Cookies” by selecting the “Block
• Disable “third party Cookies” by selecting the “Block
• Disable “session Cookies” by deselecting the option to “always Accept session cookies
• Click on “OK

Firefox version 9 or higher

• Select “Tools” in the toolbar of your browser
• Select “Options
• To select the item “Privacy
• In the “History” choose from the menu the option “use custom settings for
• Disable cookies by deselecting “Accept cookies from sites
• Click on “OK

Google Chrome version 24 or higher

• Select “Menu Chrome” in the location bar of your web browser
• Selecting “settings
• Select “Show advanced setting
• In the “Privacy” section click on “content Setting
• Disable all cookies by selecting “block sites from setting any data” and “Block third-party cookies and site data
• Click on “OK”



The social buttons are the “buttons” on the site depicting the icons of social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) that will allow you to interact with a “click” directly with the social platforms.

The social button on this site are links that refer to the account of Ondup on social networks, as depicted. Through the use of such buttons are not installed on the site of third-party cookies.

We report, however, the link where the user can view the privacy policy on the management of data by the social networks to which the buttons refer: