Why should you hire a Coach that makes your Startup take off or to improve the performance of your company?

The common opinion is that a manager only needs to know the numbers, the forecasts and statistics, the short, medium and long term predictions, that he knows how to calculate a ROI (Return on Investments) to the hundredth and that all this is sufficient for a company can take off or be rescued while it is in free fall towards a negative trend

Today I really want to be short and concise and get straight to the point.

Hire a Corporate coach it means having an ROI that will likely last a lifetime.

Now I'll explain why.

1. The Coach will give you his experience

Perhaps the most precious thing a Coach brings to the table is experience.

He has very often seen what you are dealing with and can help you make correct choices

If the person who is in a certain role but has not produced the result you are looking for or has not helped others to produce that result, you should review their roles and conditions.

That's why when I introduce myself as a Coach I let my results speak for themselves.

2. The Coach will give you an objective perspective

Everything you build, whether it's a business or anything else creative, assumes you've put some level of emotional investment into it.

This is necessary because if the interest in what you have built is low, it is unlikely that you will put your heart into it.

In an emotional state, it is difficult to maintain an objective perspective.

Think about any situation in your life, seen through the eyes of others

It will appear more and more fluid response to your vision of the same situation because others remain emotionally detached and will not feel all those feelings of anxiety, attachment, stress and fear generated that you may tend to feel when you are involved.

A Coach is able to bring an objective perspective to whatever you are working on, training you to be empathetic but not emotionally self-managed by the situation and to ensure that your self-esteem remains fluid and in balance with yourself.

3. The Coach is a guide

When you hire a Coach you will speed up the process of whatever you are trying to accomplish.
As he has already experienced the situation you are in, and will thus be able to provide you with reliable guidance.

It helps you discover your personal tools that you can use to eliminate the thousands of assumptions and as many doubts or false beliefs that you have created and that hold back your active process of development and renewal that block your general improvement

The skills you develop by working with a Coach not only give you the opportunity to be successful at what you are doing at the moment, they allow you to recreate that success at will multiple times over the course of your life.

Of a good Coach you must know that after having met him and having allowed him to work alongside you, you will be a person who is magnificently different from what you were before you met him for the rest of your life !!!

We all need a coach !!!

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