Let's talk about what matters most to you

Something that no one has ever really helped you solve

let's talk about your good and that of your loved ones.



Hundreds of people around the world with Ondup's Coaching & Hypnosis Power method have solved their problems and helped their loved ones.

We often don't know where to start solving and how to do it.

Other times we would like to help someone who doesn't seem to want to be helped.

The Ondup method is also successful in cases of resistance to help

Let's imagine that we have an automatic pilot to rely on, a backup option that we have been equipped with since birth and that acts by us and for us.

Our autopilot is our unconscious




Has anyone ever told you it's impossible?

In the world, thousands of people, who were told that there was nothing to do, have had to change their mind by reaching their desired future, healing, evolving by relying on Ondup coaching and Hypnosis power, your mind will be free from false beliefs , from fears, constraints and will see beyond your expectations and will focus not on the problem but on the solution.

Your Mind is powerful and can do everything if you know how to use it.

Then never say never.

Discover the infinite potential of your mind

If you wish, take a step towards discovery

Ondup coaching & hypnosis power will accompany you.

Contact us!






Hypnosis Power by Ondup solves trauma in a non-invasive way, eliminates stress, fear, anxiety, anguish, degenerative situations, phobias, negative past, depression, panic, high nerve control, addictions, poor general health, sadness.

Furthermore :

You can quit smoking, lose weight even in an important way, increase your immune defenses, increase your sports potential by obtaining your best performance and much more.

Find out what you can do with Ondup's power hypnosis

Ondup coaching and Hypnosis power can work in synergy or alone


You will be followed by professionals in the sector able to accompany and support you on a constructive and decisive path

I guess you don't believe it then I ask you to reflect for a moment, you will feel that you are eager to achieve your goals and resolve situations

You are already very close to making your reflection a reality.

Don't give up, develop your mind and let it show you what it can do.

Never give up and never say never!

Delve into the world of true and professional hypnosis and believe in your mental power guided by Ondup



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