Legal coach

A legal coach is a legal professional who provides support and advice to clients who wish to represent themselves. Although you are ultimately responsible for all aspects of your legal matter, you can regularly consult with your legal coach for assistance in any of the following tasks:

  • Initial consultation to identify options available to resolve a dispute, whether through negotiation of a settlement, mediation, arbitration or courts
  • Assistance in filling in court forms and documents 
  • Assistance in preparing an affidavit for a question or in response to a question 
  • Get general legal advice and information on relevant jurisprudence and legislation Assistance in preparing letters to answer a lawyer
  • Offering self-help tools, legal information, websites, and other resources 
  • Your responsibilities as an executor of a property
  • Preparation for mediation, hearings, pre-trial or trial, including how to address parties and how to arrange written or verbal presentations
  • Strategic guide on how to address the strengths and weaknesses of your case and any burden of proof you need to meet