Relational Coach or Love Coach 

A relational coach or love coach, supports individuals and couples in learning and developing relational skills that are vital for interpersonal and social relationships, and in all romantic relationships.

In fact, the coach trains a develop conflict resolution skills and offer tools to deepen intimacy and pleasure.

A relationship coach can help you quickly discover the essence of what you want in your relationships, guide you around painful problems and create a safety zone while you face your fears and discover your true desires.

You will also gain power to see your strengths and the ingenuity you already have within which you can have had difficulty accessing. You will soon find that you are enjoying new habits, better relationships, feelings of gratitude and calm.

In addition, the relationship coach also offers his help in parenting and parenting relationships family conflicts in general, as well as in adolescent and minor difficulties in general. 

I love to see people "lighten up,"  feel and express more gratitude, forgive long-time alienated relationships by breathing finally serenity and satisfaction.