Today you'll see how the genius of Einstein was not the case .

His genius was in being tenacious and persevering , with a lively imagination who has had a strong impact creative in his life.

If you do not see clear in what you are reading?

Then , he perseveres, even thou, and continues to read , so find out what hard work behind this important scientist, and find out how to own this hard work  the truest form of genius and how to get you his strategies to make what you want.

Miracles do not exist

In 1905, at the age of 26, Albert Einstein had what today we call the her year of miracles.

Published three scholarly articles that have radically transformed the field of physics.

If you came to read this blog, it is not the case , it means that you have a specialty to be completed and you're ready to do that work that will give your life a genial towards the realization of your goals .

You'll see here as the true story of the creativity of Einstein's both interesting and instructive.

It is the story of someone who uses a range of strategies that could be used by the human being that you can use .These same strategies are the ace in the sleeve of many of the greatest scientists and inventors of the story.

We must not seek to rediscover the theory of relativity, trying to replicate it unnecessarily , but to use the right creative strategies that make effective your success.

But let's see what happened in the miraculous year strategic Einstein

Einstein is not the one that history tells us that it was

Before his first year of miraculous, it's hard to believe , but the adjective to him more suitable that an outside observer would have given it would have been brilliant .

Do you think that The headmaster of her school had told him multiple times that would never come cocludere nothing

It was one of the only students in the class and not being able to find work after graduation.

After a few months of looking for a professional position, he began to lose hope of being able to create a future. She lived with her parents and her father in an attempt to give him a hand , he also wrote a a letter to an esteemed professor, almost pleading for help, but without receiving any response.

Let's think about this situation today, more than ever recurring .

A graduate who, after much study , to not be able to do it does not find a job and are in a disappointing situation .

And let's also think that a few years from this situation in the field of physics has undergone a total transformation , thanks to the discoveries of the same person .

It is not an automatic process , and the random is the result of a constant commitment that commitment that will free your creative genius and that only in this way can make significant contributions to your life and that of those around you, or even the world, as is the case for Einstein

The success of Einstein is not successful in a night

When we read of Einstein, we tend too much to the simplification: a man wild with eyes staring at you insistent, and the wheels of the brain is always in motion...

Einstein has coached intentionally his imagination visual since 10 years before the year of miraculous.

Throughout his career, he was considered to be the fantasy , the secret of its impact creative.

One of his statements shows:

“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, arriving at the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant to me more than my talent for absorbing knowledge.”

and goes on to say later in his career.

“Logic will take you from a To B. imagination will take you everywhere.”

So, exactly how did Einstein to view himself in the territory of the imagination ?

And how can we develop this ability within us?

Einstein attended after being ousted from the school where she was a student , a school of art, and emphasized the visual thinking.

Also this is not the result of a case

Freeing the imagination, the thought of his showed him the way

In this school, he began to see how it worked, the light in different conditions.

At the age of sixteen, Einstein began to conduct mental experiments on beams of light. These mental experiments were exercises that helped Einstein to appreciate the properties of light and helped him also to notice anomalies and inconsistencies between them .

The young Einstein was able to see and feel a physical situation in a way that is almost tangible, and manipulate the elements, to observe their changes, all fired with the mind.

Attention: it was not a gift, it was a skill on his own and coached in the span of those 10 years of studies !

After graduating from the Zurich Polytechnic, and having spent several months in submitting an article, without success, to academic positions in Europe, Einstein was finally offered the job in switzerland as a humble clerk in a patent he held for some years .

Not wasted never his time and began to perform mental experiments on the relationship between light and time , until you get to the discovery that has revolutionized the field of physics and has made him a name in the history of science in addition to an exemplary man .

Now that you know the story of Einstein , do you know what skills trained can get to create

The great creative use of the mental simulation

The most common way in which scientists and inventors use mental simulation is to model their craft in their head.

My favorite example of this approach comes from the autobiography of one of the greatest inventors in the history, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla spent hours every night, traveling in his mind, meeting people, seeing new cities and countries, making friends.
At the age of 17 years, he had practiced the art of mental simulation so much that transform this skill in his inventions was a step quite natural.

The science shows that those who have a better theory of mind are able to better predict how the other will respond in certain situations.

It is like a realistic version of the film Next, in which the character of Nicholas Cage can see what will happen after two minutes.

In one scene of this film, for example , the protagonist , before approaching a woman that wants to meet in a diner, passes mentally through all the different approaches you could really do until it finds one that will be to success.

This ability is important for sellers who want to anticipate the reactions of a customer.

It is important for a parent who wants to convince his son to do something.

It is important for any artist that you would like to know how it will be perceived his creative act.

It is important for an entrepreneur who wants to anticipate the needs of the market .

We see this same pattern in the best-selling books of the TWENTIETH century,the author Napoleon Hill.

In his book, Think and grow rich yourself, describes his 20 years of study on people's most successful contemporary history, including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison.

Hill explains:

“Every night, for a long period of years, I held a meeting imaginary of the Council with this group that I used to call my “advisors invisible”.

The procedure was this. Just before you go to sleep at night, I closed eyes and I saw, in my imagination, this group of men seated with me around my Table of the Council. Here, not only have I had the opportunity to sit among those that I considered great, but I actually dominated the group, by serving as President.

In these meetings the imaginary of the Council, I invited members of my Cabinet because it could contribute to the meetings with their knowledge .

How can you use the technique of Einstein

Whether you're an employee, a freelancer, an investor, a consultant, a designer, a manager, or an entrepreneur, you already have a mechanism strategic in your field, although this may be why for the most part unconscious.

The trick now is to make them aware and to improve it consciously

You can do it with the technique of Einstein.

Here are the steps:

  1. Build a conscious mental model of how it actually works in your field;
  2. Put to the test of the mental model in your mind by stimulating mentally different scenarios;
  3. Test the accuracy of your mental model in the real world;
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the lessons learned in steps 2 and 3.

Individuals and organizations can do more experiments of this kind are more likely to have more success.

It is not a coincidence that the largest companies in the world are also the great experimenters.

Jeff Bezos, saying,

Our success in the Amazon comes from how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.

When we simulate scenarios in our head, we immediately obtain a thin instinct visceral about what will happen and the excitement that will ensue.

When we experience in the real world, we get a feedback of quality and quantity.

We are born with an incredible ability to simulate reality using mental models (and often waste)

We live in an era that prizes rationality and logic as the highest forms of intelligence.

In the last few decades have been identified hundreds of prejudice cognitive that show how much can be irrational intuition.

This article reminds us that we must not neglect the miraculous innate abilities of our brain and allenarle constantly as well as our intuition

Because, if you look in depth to many of the greatest discoveries of our company, before they were logically try, you will often find the commitment of years of human beings full of fantasy exploration

The human mind is the most complex, elegant, and amazing in the world.

However, there is never taught how to use it to its maximum capacity.

In this article, I hope now you see the new possibilities to use the power innate to your brain...of course with a very high dose of hard work!

We leverage all of our minds!

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