As it evolves in a relationship?

We follow the steps that characterize the evolutionary path of the couple's relationship and conosciamone the objectives of each phase.

Also the the life of the couple's relationshipjust like the life of the individual, develops and progresses through the precise stages of development.
To anyone now want to replicate that feeling to the saying, “if they are roses bloom” works as a master, I would like to ask you to read this article carefully .
The path of the pair is affected as much by the inner development staff much from the style and the relationship between the two factors .
And when you have moments of crisis, we began to reckon with what really exists.

The crisis

When there is a couple in crisis, the most important thing would be to keep calm and search for the most suitable solution for you.

This is not always the case for the emotional charge containing the situation , but it is exactly the only appropriate attitude .

Every couple's relationship generally follows a series of steps that may be common to all couples.

During these phases, there are so many items that you can acquire a great importance.

The attitude that offers the partners is crucial in this sense and can lead to a substantial difference between a relationship lasting and intended to finish, and also a substantial difference in us for our future .

but let's see what you can usually happen a step at a time :

  1. Symbiosis

When members of the couple fall in love, enter into the stage of the symbiosis.In this first phase of the couple's relationship, which generally has a shelf life of 6-9 months, the partners tend to accentuate the similarities that characterize them and minimize their differences.

There is a strong tendency toidealization of the partner and, often, toisolation of the couple from the outside world (friends and family are taken less into account ).The bond between the two is intense, characterized by the complicity and affection paid. The merger between the two lovers, becomes a symptom of emotional dependence that can lead to the structuring of symbiotic relationships.


As the relationship continues, the partners begin to feel the need of individual spaces and to experience the differences in character that during the phase of the symbiosis were not emerged.

In this period occur the first conflicts: it's the time of differentiation.

The couple is living a moment of disillusionment and experiences the desire of individual spaces and separatein addition to feelings of loss, anger, and disappointment.

In this phase, it is important that the partners accept each other's differences and individuality, and address along with the conflicts that have emerged to strengthen their bond, manage in a constructive manner, the difficulties encountered, and continue to grow together.

It's good to remember that it's normal for this to happen, and you should not have a feeling of fear if things are not perfect as the first. Simply the ratio is changing and evolving, and it is important to do so in the best of ways.

A song of A. Oxa can riporoporne the concept:

When it comes to love

.......And it is like a child
In need of care
You have to be near him
You have to give it warmth
Prepare the way, the terrain better
When a love is born

Redefining their boundaries in the pair, and expressing their individuality, in the respect and acceptance of the other, the couple heads toward the development of a deep sense of intimacy.

3. Experimentation

The couple is ready for the trial period.

Once you have found your own identity within the couple, each in search of himself and the autonomy on the outside of it.

The partners who have not crossed a healthy symbiosis of torque and a good differentiation are likely to move away or separate, as may occur extramarital affairs and betrayals.

On the contrary, those who have reached a healthy autonomy, and will be capable of comply with that of the other, to manage conflicts and to proceed gradually, and, of course, in the way of torque, the phase of rapprochement.

4. Rapprochement

In a union that is healthy, at the same time to the development of self emerges, a growing vulnerability and a strong desire for emotional contact, both of you reconnect looking for support in the otherand letting go all’intimacy.

It remains important to take the hand of the other in this path will

Cite Modà in the text of “you Can read it only in the evening ”

It is enough to only walk together
even without speaking
to understand that that place had no roads
but only the stars to watch together

5. Interdependence

Sure of their autonomy and individuality, and aware of the love of the other, the members of the pair reach the interdependence, the full understanding torque, in which the different individualities are integrated in a harmonious way and support each other.

The pair has developed effective strategies to manage conflicts and meet the needs and desires with each other, and shares projects to life.

When couples do not develop in sync, their relationship is in difficulty, more or less remarkable that in many cases lead to the separation and the breaking up after years of resistance and unnecessary justifications .

In union there is strength!!!

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